How Mitigation Mondays Keep Graystone Restoration Employees Sharp

Paul's Step-by-step Day 1 Water Mitigation Guide:

How do you ensure your technicians are constantly levelling up their skillset in such a fast paced and chaotic industry?

In this episode of The Restoration Playbook Podcast, host Paul Silliman speaks with John Savin, Mitigation Manager at Graystone Restoration, about their innovative training program, Mitigation Mondays. Savin explains the origins of the program, the kind of training provided, and how they get their staff to buy-in to employee development. Listeners will walk away with a clear, step-by-step guide on how to keep their technicians sharp through micro-lessons. The episode ends with key takeaways and a free resource for listeners from KnowHow, a software tool for growing restoration companies.

KnowHow is a software tool that accelerates Day 1 to productivity for blue collar workforces across North America. With KnowHow, you can equip your staff with the step-by-step how-to  they need to excel in their work. From onboarding new workers to upskilling and supporting veteran team members, KnowHow does more than standardize your operations - it enables your workforce to reach new heights.
How Mitigation Mondays Keep Graystone Restoration Employees Sharp
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